Child Protection

Save the Children’s child protection programs address the needs of some of Indonesia’s most vulnerable children by working towards eliminating abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We help communities reduce the number of children engaged in exploitative child labor, particularly in commercial sex trade, domestic labor, plantation work, and street work. Our partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs has made significant strides in strengthening the overall Indonesian child protection system by addressing the rights of children without parental care. To do this, we improve the quality of care in child care institutions; improve key regulations and policies on alternative, family-based care; document good practices in reconnecting children with their own families or alternate family-based care; prevent children from entering institutions; and professionalize the social work profession. We also work with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture to improve current and establish new mechanisms to enhance rehabilitation, health, and education services for children with disabilities. 

Child Protection-Street children activity in center

Family Based Care

Save the Children is working with the Ministry of Social Affairs to implement national standards of care for child institutions (orphanages), improve policies that support reunification of children with their parents or other caretakers, and demonstrate effective community-based and family-based care programs.

Save the Children currently works with institutions in Bandung, West Java and Yogyakarta to improve the quality of care that they provide for institutionalized children.  We also support vulnerable families in preventing non-orphaned children from being institutionalized and reintegrating institutionalized children into their families or alternative, family-based care situations. 

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, we are supporting the scale-up of these activities by training Ministry staff and childcare institutions on the Standards of Care in designing and implementing efforts to place children with families.  We also support the effectiveness of the hundreds of Ministry-supported social workers throughout Indonesia who will manage cases of reunified children.

Facilitating Family Based Care for Children with Disabilities

Save the Children mobilizes communities, government stakeholders, and others to assist children with disabilities attaining their right ‘to enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community’.  This is done through increasing the of capacity families to care for their children with disabilities (CWDs); supporting community-based rehabilitation services; improving access to high quality education; promoting awareness of CWDs issues and reducing stigma. 

Eliminate Exploitive Child Labor through Education and Economic Development (EXCEED)

Save the Children helps to protect working children in Indonesia, either by withdrawing or preventing them from being involved in the worst types of child labor, including child sex workers, plantation workers, street workers and domestic workers. Together with local partners, we help provide appropriate education and other services to children and support improvements in local policies that improve child protection, including addressing child labor issues.  Our work continues to make strides in improving policies and services including preventing 4,800 children and withdrawing 6,000 children from exploitative child labor during 2013. 

Save the Children's child protection programs has national reach and are being implemented in the West Java, Lampung, Yogyakarta, East Java and West Kalimantan provinces.